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What is Choice?

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What is Choice?

Being pro-choice means protecting women's access to safe, legal abortion. It also means working on ways to help reduce the need for abortion, like improving access to birth control. And it means supporting women who choose to carry their pregnancies to term.


The Supreme Court legalized abortion with its decision in Roe v. Wade in 1973. Anti-choice groups have been attacking the right to choose ever since. Their ultimate goal is to outlaw abortion again.

Birth Control

Want to reduce the need for abortion? Making birth control available to all women is one of the best ways to do it. Unfortunately, many women donít have good access to birth control.

Sex Education

Our teens deserve sex education that gives them the information they need to make good decisions for themselves. They need to learn about both abstinence and birth control. But too many teens donít receive this in their education.

Healthy Pregnancies

Women who decide to carry their pregnancies to term should get all the support they need to have healthy pregnancies. They also should have access to information about adoption.

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