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Teen Pregnancy Prevention: Movies
Teen pregnancy and parenthood is a serious issue.  Hold a movie screening for your friends, family and neighbors to bring attention to this issue by showing a film addressing teen pregnancy or another pro-choice topic.  The following is information about some suggested films and how you can obtain them.

Abstinence Comes to Albuquerque
This film provides a glimpse into a nationwide debate over what young people should be taught about sexuality.  Through personal stories, community profiles, and expert interviews, the program highlights the differences between a strict abstinence-only-until-marriage approach and more comprehensive sexuality education.  In the documentary film a ninth grader tells her mother that she's heard some unusual things from a sexuality education program in her school.  The family talks about their problems with the program, and a school board member speaks about its weaknesses.  The film then profiles an abstinence-only-until-marriage program as well as a more balanced sexuality education program.  Following the documentary are interviews with national experts on sexuality education and adolescent health. 
Get the film here
Use the discussion guide provided here as you screen the film.

The Education of Shelby Knox
Federally funded, abstinence-only sex education is sparking an intense national debate.  Sex may be everywhere - in music, television, fashion and movies - one argument goes, but schools need to give teenagers the tools to resist peer pressure and say "no".  Won't teaching about sex only encourage teens to try it?  Opponents say that withholding information about condom use and birth control will only lead to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.  Into the culture war steps feisty teenager Shelby Knox of Lubbock, Texas.  Although her county's high schools teach abstinence as the only safe sex, Lubbock has some of the highest rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in the nation.  Shelby, a devout Christian who has pledge abstinence until marriage herself, becomes an unlikely advocate for comprehensive sex education, profoundly changing her political and spiritual views along the way.  When Shelby's interest in politics leads her to get involved in a campaign for comprehensive sex education in her town's public schools and then to a fight for a gay-straight alliance, Shelby must make a choice: Stand by and let others be hurt, or go against her parents, her pastor and her peers to do what she knows is right.
Get the film here or here .
Use the discussion guide provided here as you screen the film.

Motherhood by Choice, Not Chance
The stories in this film are drawn from the most engaging moments of the trilogy From the Back-Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond.  This film brings alive the history of the struggle for women's reproductive rights in the US.  Intimate interviews reveal the passion of people who moved abortion from the danger of the back alleys to a safe, legal choice. 
You can obtain the film for free here
Use the discussion guide provided here as you screen the film.

Mom at Sixteen and Too Young to Be a Dad
Homework, the prom, getting a driver's license.  These are the problems most teens face.  Diapers, sleepless nights, no more freedom - ever.  These are the problems some teens face - the subject of these frank and poignant Lifetime movies that unveil the compelling reality of teen parenthood.  Mom at Sixteen is the story of Jacey (Danielle Panabaker), a high school junior with a secret: her infant brother is really her son.  Jacey struggles with living a lie...and with doing what's best for her baby.  Too Young to Be a Dad examines the often-forgotten drama of the teenage father.  Paul Franklin Dano plays a quiet honor student who's torn by his family's pain, his sense of responsibility and his one-shining future.  Two sensitive stories - two fateful decisions.
You can obtain the two films here.

Too Young
In Too Young, teen parents from a variety of backgrounds share their stories and - in their own words - offer their candid views about the difficulties they face.  Their compelling stories make clear that teen pregnancy is closely linked to a host of other problems for teens and their babies - including welfare dependency, health problems, absent fathers, educational failure, and more.  This new educational video from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy is intended to help teens, parents, educators, community leaders, and policymakers better understand the challenges of teen pregnancy by hearing directly from a group of courageous teen parents who know what it means to be too young for pregnancy and parenthood. 
You can obtain the film here.
The National Campaign has created a downloadable Fact Sheet.
Download a discussion guide here.
For more information, visit the Too Young web page.

Sex Has Consequences PSAs: DVD and CD-Rom Package
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy offers this series of television and online public service announcements featuring the theme "Sex Has Consequences".  The series of 15 and 30 second broadcast PSAs are the result of a national contest for young filmmakers and were judged by a panel of teens.  These ads are certain to spark discussions among teens about the consequences of sex.  This bundle includes: a DVD of all of the PSAs for use in classrooms, presentations, etc; a CD-ROM with media files of all of the PSAs for online placement and use in presentations (all media files are available in MPEG adn Flash Video formats).
You can obtain the PSAs here.
For more information or to preview the PSAs, visit
Follow these tips for using these PSAs.

Mothers Too Soon and Fathers Too Soon
In coordination with the Channel One Network, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy has developed two three-part educational videos based on a series originally created and aired on the Channel One Network.   The videos, Mothers Too Soon and Fathers Too Soon, explore the lives of several teen parents.  Each video runs for approximately 15 minutes and provides a first-hand look at how a teen pregnancy impacts the lives of these teens, their children and families.
You can obtain both videos here.
Download the discussion guide for Mothers Too Soon here.
Download the discussion guide for Fathers Too Soon here.

Jessica's Story
This short video (approximately 10 minutes), produced by ABC Daytime and the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, is a compilation of scenes from a major story line on One Life To Live, one of ABC's most popular daytime dramas.  The show examined the many ways that teen pregnancy affected the life of Jessica Buchanan (a character on the show who became pregnant at age 18), her parents, her boyfriend, and others in her life.  While the story is fictional, the situation is all too real.  The themes that emerge in the video include parent-teen communication, teen drinking and sex, male responsibility, and other key messages about preventing teen pregnancy.  
You can obtain the film here.
You can download the discussion guide here.

From the Back-Alleys to The Supreme Court & Beyond: Part I - When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories
This Academy Award-nominated film features compelling first person accounts which reveal the physical, legal, and emotional consequences during the era when abortion was a criminal act. 
Download the film here.

From the Back-Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond: Part II - From Danger to Dignity: The Fight for Safe Abortion
This film combines rare archival footage with present-day interviews to weave together two parallel stories: the evolution of underground networks to help women find safe abortions outside the law and the intensive efforts of activists and legislators who broke the silence and changed the laws.
Download the film here.

From the Back-Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond: Part III - The Fragile Promise of Choice: Abortion in the U.S. Today
As a result of restrictive legislation, cutbacks in funding, and sieges of harassment and violence, access to legal abortion is declining.  This film examines how these conditions have affected the lives of providers and the women who seek their services.
Download the film here.


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