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Teen Pregnancy Prevention: Legislation
Teen and unplanned pregnancies are issues that face us as a country, not just the women and girls who become pregnant.  Stand up and help prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy.  Your legislators can help prevent these pregnancies from happening by passing laws that make it easier for people to protect themselves.  We have provided information about each bill and a link for you to use to send a letter to your legislators.

The Prevention Through Affodable Access Act
Students and low-income women around the country have seen a dramatic increase in the price of their birth control prescriptions due to a 2005 law.  Congress has introduced this bill as a fix.  Ask your elected representatives to support this bill .

The Prevention First Act 
This bill will increase funds for family-planning services, assure contraceptive equity in health-insurance plans, and improve access to emergency contraception.  Send a letter to your officials .

The Responsible Education About Life Act (REAL Act)
Studies have proven that factual information about sex and comprehensive sex education does more to prevent unintended pregnancy and delay teen sexual activity than any other type of education.  The REAL Act would establish the first-ever federal sex education program that teaches teens about BOTH abstinence and birth control.  Click here to ask your officials to support this bill .

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Responsibility and Opportunity Act
America has the highest teen-pregnancy rate of any developed Western country.  This bill will help lower this rate by educating teens about their risk of pregnancy, teaching them about the significant responsibilities that come with parenthood, keeping them on track in school, and help parents discuss tough topics - like sex - with their kids.  Ask your elected representatives to support this bill .

The Access to Birth Control Act (ABC Act)
Pharmacists across America have refused to fill birth control prescriptions or provide emergency contraception - even when the medication is in stock.  This bill would ensure that all women have timely access to birth control, including emergency contraception at the pharmacy counter.  Send a message asking your representatives to support this legislation .

The Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies Act (CARE Act)
Unfortunately, rape, and especially date rape, is an issue that touches the lives of many women in America.  The ultimate goal is to make it so that no women has to undergo this traumatic experience.  But one thing that we can do now is make sure that any woman who is raped doesn't have to face an unintended prengancy by asking our officials to support this bill .

The Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Coverage Act 
Fact - at least some teens will have sex.  In order to prevent unintended pregnancy, it's important that the teens to DO choose to have sex have access to birth control.  You can help make sure that health-insurance covers the cost of prescription contraceptives by asking your legislators to support this bill .

End Abstinence-Only Sex Education
Expose the truth about Bush's abstinence-only programs.  On April 23, 2008 the pro-choice led House of Representatives held its first-ever oversight hearing on the Bush administration's dangerous and discredited abstinence-only policies.  This hearing was a step in the right direction, but by itself didn't do anything to actually stop the harmful information being disseminated to teens or the harmful withholding of information that could prevent unintended pregnancies and save lives.  Urge your lawmakers to end funding for Bush's reckless abstinence-only policies .

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